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What a Communication Server Does ?

A communication server is an electronic device that processes incoming, outgoing, and internal calls and connects them to the proper destinations.

Avaya Servers

Media Gateway

  • A gateway terminates and converts various media types such as analog, TDM and IP.
  • A gateway is required so that, for example, an IP phone can communicate with an analog phone telephony system.

Avaya Media gateway

Direct inward dialing (DID)

  • Translation Pattern: 4085551XXX
  • Called-Party Transformation Mask: 4XXX
  • Resulting Phone Number: 4XXX
  • If a call came into the DID 4085551111, Call Manager would convert the dialed digits to 4111.

Direct Inward Dialing

Automatic Call Distribution

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a communication server software feature that processes high-volume incoming, outgoing, and internal calls and distributes them to groups of extensions called hunt groups or splits.
  • The communication server also sends information about the operation of the ACD to the CMS, which stores and formats the data and produces real-time and historical reports on ACD activity.
  • ACD is used by a call center to route incoming calls to specifically assigned splits/skills and agents.
  • ACD allows a system administrator to create an efficient call management environment. This administrator can
  1. add or remove splits/skills from the system .
  2. add or remove announcements.
  3. add or remove agents.
  4. add trunk groups and route calls to the appropriate splits/skills.
  5. The administrator can also specify ACD measurement criteria and use an optional CMS package to provide reports on ACD efficiency.

Typical ACD Arrangement